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Join others using Stream Card to help manage household spending.  


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No Overdraft Fee

Spend only what you load. No overdrafts. No minimums.

Text* Alerts

Stay on top of your transactions with alerts after every transaction.

Easy Account Access

View your balance and transactions using any device.

Link a Bank Account

Link an external account and set up transfers for savings or budgeting.

Direct Deposit

Setup Direct Deposit to automatically load your paycheck or other issued payments.

Stream Card is Great for Budgeting

Stream Card is a smart prepaid card. You can only spend what you load, so you won't be charged for pesky overdraft fees!

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Ready, Set, Load

Setting up Direct Deposit is easy and has no fee.

You can also load your Stream Card with cash and check, and you can even link your bank account to set up automatic loads based on your pay period.

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Share Money with your Network

Send money to other Stream Card members easily, quickly, and with no fee.

Invite and share with friends by sending money to an email address or mobile phone number.

Low and Simple Fees

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Monthly Fee

No Fee

Domestic Purchase Transactions

No Fee

International Purchase Transactions1

3of the transaction amount as a foreign currency conversion fee

ATM Cash Withdrawal Domestic2


ATM Cash Withdrawal International3

$1.98 + 3%
foreign currency conversion fee